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I offered help,but I am also in dire need of help

I have been rightly told off by the administration not to post any adress....no mail, no Skype.I will and have to accept the rules.I have been told as well that outside the public section,the private section is open for mutual agreements to exchange SKYPE details.Myself I do suffer the ultimate isolation in the Amazon and would like anyone who cares to contact me via SKYPE.I also have much to offer because I am older and had so many more years of suffering,but a lot of insight as well.Please read my public comments to get the gist .THANKS IN ADVANCE.I do live in a hostile enviroment and thought of taking my life.....
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Medhelp does have rules and those rules are to protect all of us. Yes, if you make friends with people on here and would like to send private messages that's completely up to you. You can also, in a private message, give your email address and such.
I'm so sorry you're going through what you are. I'm here to listen any time you would like to talk.
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