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Why is mental illness so unfair?

Just sat here wondering how everybody copes..?
Why is it us that have BP/BPD, and why does it destroy our judgment so much?
The road to recovery seems so long, painful and lonely....
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The journey to wellness can be all those things and more.  There are times when it is quite enlightening too.  It's not all bad.

I don't have bipolar but I think bpd alone can impair judgment due to intense emotions.  Most people under extreme, chronic stress would experience impaired judgment.

I manage by taking what I learned during a short period of good therapy.  I try to look at what is causing me the distress.  I probably look at the emotions as being a reaction to those events or triggers.

I think fairness probably comes back to perception and judgment.  Everybody has something in their life that they probably perceive as being unfair or unjust.

Mental illness is said not to discriminate but I think it happens to people who are strong.
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