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@bout BPD....

*BPD is a personality disorder that involves instability in several areas of life.
* People with BPD struggle with their emotions, identity, relationships, behavior, and thinking.
* Not all people with BPD are exactly alike . Everyone is different.
* Having BPD doesn't mean that you are sick, unlikable, flawed, or have some kind of illness, or a bad personality.
* Seek help and get a thorough assessment from a trained professional if you believe that you might have some of the features of BPD.

7 common Myths about BPD
* People with BPD are manipulative and attention seeking.
* People with BPD are violent individuals at high risk for harming others.
* BPD is a life sentence.
* BPD is untreatable
* BPD is caused by bad parents
* People with BPD are crazy and irrational.
* BPD is mostly found in women.

Biological causes related to BPD include:
heredity, genes, the size and functioning of brain areas ( the Amygdala, the Hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex), And neurotransmitters such as dopamine, and serotonin.

Personality traits related to BPD include emotional vulnerability, neuroticism,  and impulsivity.

Environmental causes related to BPD include childhood trauma, invalidating environments, and problems with attachment.

Factors that maintain BPD may include:
Adverse life events, and reinforcement for dysregulated behaviors.

Many people with BPD recover in only a few years, and once they recovery there symptoms are unlikely to return.

Having a substance use disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, depression, or one of the anxious-fearful personality disorders makes it especially hard to recover from BPD.

Symptoms that are most likely to improve over time:
* Impulsive risky behaviors including self harm and suicide attempts.
* Sever paranoid thinking.
* Unstable stormy relationships and the tendency to place extreme demands on other people.

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Thanks I've been asking for a rundown of BPD on here and I've received nothing but rude replies. this does help a lot thanks xoxo
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I think borderlines are people who've taken a lot of sneaky abuse at the hands of "loved ones."  Personality disorder is the end result.  They were actually the good ones - but how much **** can you take.  My family used to smile while they were saying hurtful things to me - when no one else was around.  They're all doing just fine.  The way I turned out is a big mystery.  
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