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emotionally unstable personality disorder or bpd

i just got my mental health report back and it said "adjustment disorders" and "probable emotionally unstable  personality disorder" does this mean i have this or am being assessed for it? i have looked up the symptoms and a lot of the descriptions i can relate to the self harm constant need to not be alone empty dissaciative suicide attemps anger, violence aggressive nature was sexually abused from the age of 9 dad died when i was 7 fear of being abandoned
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Look on the APA (american psychological association) website. According to that website, there is no such thing as an "unstable personality disorder".  It could be borderline, which I have they tell me, but really only you can say. This is because you have to decide if five or more of the traits fit you. This is the only way to diagnose it.

I was abused as a child also. My friend, who is a social worker tells me that when children are abused, it messes up their sense of boundaries and .....I think she called it the brain blue print. But anyway, it is common for a person who has a personality disorder to also have been abused in some way.

I hope this helps. Hugs

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Probable means its likely you have it,they might be more sure later on when they know you better. I have bpd myself feel free to send me a message if you have any more questions.Lily
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I was diagnoised with emotionally unstable borderline type personality disorder its basically the same as borderline personality disorder just a different name for it.
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thanx from what i have read i do seem to fit the criteria although some of the symptoms started last july after my baby boy marcus was stillborn 33 weeks in, i feel like its happened to someone else it just doesn't feel real
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