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8mm nodule in right breast with benign calcification in both breast -

Two weeks ago I had an annual mammogram including 3D images.  A week later I received call from my doctor's nurse stating a nodule was found and further testing was necessary.  The next day I setup the appointment for the ultrasound.  Today I received a copy of the mammogram results describing a 8 mm oval equal density nodule with an obscured and circumscribed margin in the right breast at 3 o'clock anterior depth.  Benign calcifications were also found in both breast.  Just so happens I had the ultrasound done today.  The tech quickly located the nodule and took measurements.  She left the room and returned minutes later with the radiologist.  He reviewed the ultrasound image on the screen and stated he would be calling my doctor to have a biopsy setup.  He also stated if I don't hear from her tomorrow to call her office.  What seemed like quick actions on the tech and the radiologist part have me a bit worried.    I haven't told my family the results of the mammogram, the need for an ultrasound, or the fact I now need a biopsy.  I don't want to worry anyone if I don't have to.  I need clarification on what "obscured and circumscribed margin" means.  Will I need someone to take me for the biopsy?  Any info is greatly appreciated.  
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i am sorry, i do not know exactly what that means.  i am glad you will at least have answers quickly.  I know waiting it torture.  please update on your results.
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