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Breast abnormality

What does it mean when you are told by the Radiologist that you have calification in the breast?
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Micro calcifications occur normally in breast tissue. When they are grouped in certain patterns they are of some concern. Was a recommendation made, such as a biopsy of some type?
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Microcalcifications are tiny specks of calcium in the breast tissue that need to be investigated further to rule out cancer.

The microcalcifications if large or clustered are usually biopsied for a confirmed diagnosis. Most calcifications are usually benign.

The usual plan of follow up is a regular breast self exam, a clinical evaluation in 6 months and a mammogram every 6 months or annually or as your doctor advises.

Carry on regular breast self examinations and report any abnormal features to your doctor.

Let us know about how you are doing and do post us the reports when they come in.

Let us know if you have any other doubts .

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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My ex girlfriend has just learned of a degree of Microcalcification and we are in the process of finding another Surgeon and Radiologist to interpret the results of the first set of X-rays. I feel so poorly for her due to all of the fear surrounding the posibility of cancer. But take heart, many such instances of this are not an indication of a cancerous growth. Just please be sure to continue to self monitor and do FOLLOWUP EVERY 6 MONTHS!!!!!!! to keep a watchfull eye. Talk to your partners fill them in. I used to take note of any differences in her breasts and this is important to consider. You watch your cafffine intake, and keep up with a healthy diet including Vitamin B6 and maybe a bit of primrose oil sometimes. Be sure to seek a second opinion, you are all worth the neccesary time to do that for yourselves.....David
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