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Not sure if Chemo is the right choice

I had surgery on 2/18/13 a lumpectomy stage 2, cell grade 3. The lymph nodes were clear no cancer cells.
My cancer is triple negative.
The treatment my doctor wants me to start with is chemo. Cytoxan, Taxotere, and Adriamycin. Every 14 days for 4 cycles.
My concern is I have Epilespy with a VNS inplant and on several medications. My seizures are not under control. I have grand mal and myclonic seizures and with stress get worse.
I am thinking of not doing the chemo and using food and herbs and exercise.
Are their any studies of women who have epilespy and undergoing chemo?

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A healthful diet and exercise are associated with a lowered risk for BC and other diseases, but cannot treat  cancer (destroy malignant  cells, including microinavsions that are still too small to be detected) once you have developed it. Likewise herbs are not considered a scientifically proven treatment for cancer.

With a Stage II, Triple Negative, and highly aggressive (Grade 3) breast cancer, chemo is definitely recommended. If you have doubts about your doctor's advice regarding the need for chemo, I'd suggest that you  arrange a 2nd opinion consult with another oncologist.

The best source of information about how your epilepsy might be impacted by chemo would be the neurologist who manages your epilepsy.

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I just wanted to start off by saying how sorry I am that you have to make this choice.

It is a similar choice that faced me a few months back except that mine was slightly different in that I have Metaplastic Breast Cancer which has been (traditionally) known to being highly resistant to chemo. I wont bore you with my story but simply to say it was a very hard choice indeed - I chose the hard road and am currently past the half-way point through chemo with 2 treatments left

I also empathise with you on the health issues adding to the complications of chemotherapy as this is also some of my story and I wont lie to you, my road has been harder than most others, but what I can tell you is this

Chemotherapy alongside other and more serious health conditions is not only perfectly doable, there are also days filled with huge personal triumph and laughter..

To add to this

1. I have been looked after extremely well by my medical team and when needed, hospitalized to minimize risk and been made very comfortable
2. My pain has been well managed so that often I feel I am doing a little better than my healthier friends -bonus!
3. Our team includes social workers/home support for those who struggle with additional health issues and I'm certainly putting my hand up for that, it's what they are there for :)

There is a wealth of people right there waiting to help you through this should you chose - but before you do, I ask you to consider some things

Blue butterfly is quite correct in relation to diet. Healthy diets are terrific for maintaining the bodies balance and helping to fight cancer, but to date, there is no diet, herb or any amount of exercise that will cure cancer, if there was, this miracle cure would be posted on every front page newspaper, but there isn't

Hun, like me, you are triple negative, this is the time for the big guns which includes chemo. I know this makes you so very afraid, and if I could, I'd reach out and give you the biggest hug and tell you I know where you are right now inside...

I strongly recommend getting a second possibly a third opinion. But with the right support put in place and a good team behind you, you can do this...

You can

My very best wishes to you
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