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My diagnostic mammogram came back as Birads 4 suggesting biopsy

I’m 61 and my breast biopsy is tomorrow. Do many of these Birad 4 biopsies come back benign? Really worried..no history of breast cancer in my family.
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Hi there. Oh gosh, I'm sorry I didn't see this until just now. I'd liked to have reassured you. I had a birad of 5! Calcifications that met all  of these different criteria to be suspicious. The scale works like this, with 0 just being abnormal but most certainly not cancer to 6, cancer. So, a 5 really scared me!  I had a needle biopsy and did NOT have cancer. It was benign. Pleases let me know the results of your biopsy. hugs
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Hi there! Unfortunately my biopsy did come back as DCIS , Grade 3. I’m meeting with a team of oncologists this Dec 12th and Dec 15th. My final pathology is not back which determines the kind of cancer it is! After the initial shock and scare, I’m hanging in there! Thank you do much for even responding!!
Oh my gosh, I was so hoping otherwise. My sister in law had the same. Take comfort that today's treatments for breast cancer are so good. They have studied this particular form of cancer extensively. Let me know how the December appointments go with the oncologists. My sister in law found a cancer center in her city that catered to comfort and support. They had yoga, massage, nutritionists, acupuncture, mental health support. It wasn't where her doctors were, it was run by the Cancer Society to add in all of those outside things that help during this time. I hope there is something 'like' that near you. You deserve a lot tender loving care. Let me know how things go December 12th. hugs
Sending positive thoughts your way!
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