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Painful Breast Left Breast Lump

I have been having sharp burning pains in the left breast since January 2008. Sometimes feeling like stabbing pains that would make me wince with pain. I am 45 and had a hysterectomy after the birth of my last child in 1987 so it is not pre menstration related. In April I can feel swelling, thickening ropey like area in the breast and it's very tender to touch. It's on the side of the breast facing my armpit. When I move the breast I can feel pain and I'm aware of it all of the time. My other side of the breast feels nothing the left side. Does anyone know what could be? I
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Dear Ramie1963,  Over the internet without being able to evaluate including physical examination it is difficult to say what this is  You should bring your symptoms to the attention of your doctor who can evaluate and put into perspective for you.  

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