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apocrine ductal carcinoma of the breast

Very difficult to find info on apocrine ductal carcinoma.
Recently saw a patient with this problem after a .7cm tumor had been excised.Clean margins,no lymph node involvment,grade2/3.
What is the prognosis?
What is the conventional treatment protocol?
Is this cancer associated with increased androgen hormone metabolism?
What is the probability of metastasis?
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Dear Bluestar:  From what you have included in your question, I am assuming you are referring to an invasive ductal carcinoma rather than ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).  However, although I can find reference to apocrine histologic subtype in invasive ductal carcinoma, most of the literature discusses this histologic feature as it relates to metaplasia or DCIS.  Based on my research and discussions with specialists, the apocrine histology does not impact prognosis, treatment or pattern or frequency of metastasis.  According to Breast Cancer Management (Nabholtz, Tonkin, Aapro, Buzdar; Martin Dunitz, Ltd., United Kingdom, 2000),
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