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borderline adh/dcis

After, my 3rd breasy biopsy (this time excisional) i am waiting for the resuls once more.  I had microcalcifications in my left breast and a hard tickening behind the areola which is what prompted me to get checked out as Im only 30.f
First biopsy - inconclusive, second mammotome biopsy inconclusive same findings, then my slides were sent for a second opinion to guys hospital in london to professor pinder who specialises in precursors to breast cancer and calcifications. She also said inconclusive - looks like dcis but results are falsey reassuring and staining was negative so wasnt backing up that diagnosis.  Is it possible after these two sets of biopsies they will find something more sinister? I can cope with DCIS but they still havent found that! and its been 6 weeks from first biopsy. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it normal to wait such a long time for a diagnosis? and now they have taken a piece of tissue where the thickeing is but before concentrated on all of the calcifications. Is it likely to be bad? worse than dcis? the waiting is driving me crazy - I also have noticed a strange feeling in my neck since the first biopsy - although the consultant has felt my neck and has said he cannot feel anything - there is something that doesnt feel quite right - its not a lump but it is raised or different and not as normal as the other side - I also get a pulse in my neck a lot and am putting this down to anxiety but no one seems to care and think Im being paranid. - has this happened to anyone else?

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I had a lot of inconclusive tests.   Thanks to the "gut feeling"  of one of my docs because of that, he had me do an MRI.  My cancer didn't show up on mammogram OR ultrasound....  you might ask for an MRI...   I ended up doing a second MRI w/MRI biopsy and they found that area to be cancerous.  Follow your gut.
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to follow...  the cancer  was located in a completely different area than my microcalcifications or prior two biopsies, same breast
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Thanks for that - hadnt thought about that.   Were any of you previous biopsies done under ultrasound - my 2nd one was done guided my ultrasound but as i said they found no malignancy around or near the micocalcifications.

Was it DCIS they found? Did you have a surgical 'open biopsy'? What was your treatment? Id really like to know - sorry for all the questions - how long did you wait for a diagnosis? and what happened?....
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did you have a lump or mass that even vaguley showed on the mammo or ultrasound? i small breasts so there isnt really many areas they can go into have another look? how long did you wait for a diagnosis and what were you symptoms - ps i am 30.

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Originally they just saw microcalcifications. They did an ultrasound biopsy & found ADH.  I went to the surgeon because they wanted excisional biopsy to take that area out.  When I saw the surgeon he did the exam and wanted an MRI.  He didn't feel anything that I'm aware of, and I couldn't feel anything at all.  I have small breasts, but they are dense.   The MRI showed some hot areas.  He scheduled me for another ultrasound biopsy, but they couldn't find anything to biopsy. Since something HAD shown on the MRI he had me go back for a MRI biopsy.  Those results were cancerous.  By clock standards, my microcalcifications were about 4:00 on the breast. My cancer was about 2:30.  They did excisional surgery to remove about 1/4 of the breast, didn't get clear margins, so did a second surgery.  They smoosh the breast tissue around, even in my small breast...and it doesn't look near as bad as I thought it would.  I was concerned a LOT about nipple sensation, but I still have sensation now.  My mammogram was in May, the rest of the tests every few weeks thru June & July, surgery 8/29 & 9/10.   There is SOO much to learn it is overwhelming.   I am triple negative, which I found out isn't really a good thing...  so I am doing chemo (1st treatment last week) and radiation will be next Jan or Feb when chemo is done.  What makes you still worry if they didn't find anything?   Microcalcifications are pretty common.   I actually went in because I found a lump in my right breast....all the cancer is in my left.  I have microcalcifications in my right breast too, but for some reason they didn't even want to do a biopsy or anything.  I guess they are small, so it will be a wait & see approach to those.   This stuff *****...so ask away.
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