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diagnosed with linerar breast microcalfications bi-rad 4

radiologist gave me cd to give to breast center waiting for asppointment , does this mean I have cancer ?very scared  
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NO!  This EXACT same thing happened to me a few years ago. I was scared poopless, I tell ya!  I went for a regular old mammogram actually my first) and came out with a bi_rad score of 5!  I also had microcalcifications and they had some other things that are on the list to up your bi-rad score.  I went to a breast surgeon about 4 days after being told this result.  I then was scheduled for a needle biopsy.  I chose the less invasive route as at the time, I had little ones at home.  (which adds to the layer of panic that I might have had cancer).  

So, then after the needle biopsy, I had to wait for the pathology results.  I did not have cancer. During the biopsy, they removed all the calcifications.  So, my next mammogram, there were none there.  

My neighbor also had beast calcifications and had a biopsy, no cancer.

So, while you are going to need to investigate and go through the process to make sure, this does NOT mean you have cancer sweetie.  We're here for you to help support you while you get through this.  I know it is scary!  hugs
I am so scared...I hope I get the same results waiting for the breast clinic to call me for biopsy then waiting for results my anxiety is at an all time high.Thank you I am all alone have no family children or car or anyone  help me  I also live in Canada
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I completely get it.  It is absolutely terrifying to have this happen.  Please know two things. First, with me and my neighbor, it is absolutely not a definite sign of cancer.  Women who drink a lot of coffee are known to get calcifications.  The second thing to know is that of all the cancers, breast is very well studied and has a high cure rate if the worst happens and it is a diagnosis.  

How old are you if I may ask?

I am sorry too that you are alone or feel alone (hey, I'm here) and don't have a car right now so probably feel pretty isolated.  These weeks waiting for the biopsy and results feels so long, I know.  I was really beside myself.  How can we keep you busy?  I'm here to help! hugs
Hi I am 60 yrs old and terrified
I eork during  the dsy but cant focus its ln my mind esting away at me.
Sorry for the typos work is becoming hard  cant concentrate
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Hello again. I know how you are feeling.  I don't know if that helps but I have been there.  Heart racing fear.  Try not to.  I know that when I got the call, the nurse of my primary care doctor said  I was left with little info and a lot of questions.  When do you see the doctor next?  Are you going straight in for biopsy or an appointment first?  It will be okay sweetie!  I really think it will.   I'm sorry you don't have an family living with you.  Do you live alone?  What occupies your mind?  What can you do to distract yourself?
Yes I live alone me and my cat ...be is all I have .I  work all dsy and come home eat watch t.v. go to bed and start  all over again the next day Not much of  a life.  
Yes I live alone me and my cat ...be is all I have .I  work all dsy and come home eat watch t.v. go to bed and start  all over again the next day Not much of  a life.  I am still waiting for the call for the biopsy.
Yes I live alone me and my cat ...he is all I have .I  work all day and come home eat watch t.v. go to bed and start  all over again the next day Not much of  a life.  I am still waiting for the call for the biopsy.
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Hi there my dear.  Hey, living with a cat is NOT living alone.  :>))  My dog can be my best friend.  Honestly, I adore her (my dog).  She's a lot nicer to me than a lot of humans. (and I'm not kidding lol).  How are you feeling today?  I know you are in flux and worried.  Try to hang in there.  So, do you have Netflix or anything like that?   We can share some movie ideas or documentaries which I personally love or binge series that take our minds off of things.  :>))  Write me back.
Hi thank you for caring its nice to know there is someone out there .Its the weekend and snowing here in Montreal.I am making a nice beef stew having a glass of wine with my cat and watching t.v.I am ok  and trying to stay positive and waiting for the call from the breastclinic.I do not have Netflix .I am always open for suggestions.  
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Oh, I love Montreal!  I visited a few years ago and we stayed in the old city part.  It was such a wonderful visit.  We had incredible food and our hotel was so quirky and unique.  We had a fireplace in our room and a bit old four poster bed.  I loved that hotel!!  
Okay, so you have Netflix.  Hm, love Netflix.  There are a lot of good series on there.  Tell me what kind of shows you like.  I started watching Narcos Mexico recently.  Pretty interesting (some bad language and
obvious drug dealing plot . . .  so not sure if you are okay with that).  But I watch a lot of things on there.  Tell me what you are into and I've probably watched something related.  The Queen was good.  

Any word from the breast clinic yet?
Nothing yet...Glad you enjoyed Montreal.Where are you from ?
In the United States, Ohio.  So, the Midwest.  I loved the old streets and French feeling of Montreal. Do you speak French? Did you grow up there?  I'm sure it is like all cities that have suburbs and such.  So, you likely have very tough winters.  Hopefully you will hear from the breast clinic soon so you can move from this waiting period which is so hard!  Canada has a protocol for patient care, right?  Do they triage you in terms of need?  
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Hey you . . . was wondering how you are doing?!  
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