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two surgeries for breast reconstruction

I had a mastectomy on my right breast with expander, in May, then 4 rounds of t/c chemotherapy which I finished 3 weeks ago.  I went to my plastic surgeon yesterday for my first fill since finishing chemo.  My right breast with the expander is too high, swollen and hard, but not infected.  He gave me a belt to wear around my chest just under my arms to force the expander down, which I am to wear for two weeks.  Then, he said I should have my right breast implant done first, then the left breast which requires a lift and implant, done two months later.  He said he would have the best chance at getting them even if I waited. This is news to me, he always talked about doing both at the same time before I had the chemo.  Is this normal?  Should I wait 2 months between surgeries?  He said it was my decision, and I just want to be done!  Thanks.
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Dear maggieg942:  There is no absolute right answer and this would be up to the plastic surgeon and you.  After breast surgery, there is always some "settling" that occurs and perhaps he is thinking that he'll be better able to match the breasts if he knows where the right breast ends up.  Best you have a discussion with him and if you are concerned consider a second opinion with another plastic surgeon.
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