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Bad Breath

Hi all...I have four cats...and one of them, Mystery, has really really bad breath...even my Sunnie with gingavitis has better breath!

Does anyone have any ideas? Mystery does tend to have runny stool and his brother passed in July from what we assume was cancer (his pcv levels were extremely low...the vet and my family figured cancer and didn't want to do bone aspiration...no point, the result would've been the same...him passing)...

Anyway...if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful to hear/read them. Otherwise, I'm going to keep my eye on him and maybe take him to vet before vacation.


PS...he is not on any new food or snack...nothing new in house for him to eat, even the dog food is the same...but he usually doesn't eat that.
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thats hard to say without a good check up.
Could it be an infected tooth that isn't visible to you?
Or....I know with us humans...bad breath can be a sign of bowel problems ie: IBS..and you say he does have chronic diarrhea...so that surely might be somewhere to investigate.
good luck, keep us posted
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Opus is right. It could be a bad tooth or bad teeth. It could be the food you are giving him. Try switching him to a different brand, although having four kitties.......that would be difficult. A good check-up at the vet's will help you find out what is wrong with the cat. Only thing we can tell you is we are pretty certain your cat has a problem.

Good Luck.
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Thank you both for the answers and concerns...

I'm away from home this week due to kitty sitting 20+ kitties for a friend...I'll have to see when I can schedule him for a check up...I do believe the man of the is off of work beginning Dec 8th...
well now we know what he'll be doing that day!

Thank you. i worry about Mystery especially since his brother just passed in July. I'm afraid to lose him to cancer too.

I'm going to think positive...the little squirt probably has a bad tooth...that's all

thanks again
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My cat was just at the vet last week cuz he was a sick boy.  He had an abcessed tooth.  He got a shot of antibiotics and i am happy to report his breath is back to normal odor now......
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Yes, it's probably just a bad tooth.  Jade had three teeth pulled quite a few months ago (one was infected) and she has pretty good breath now.  

I will be hoping that's all it is...
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while i was home for a few minutes today (see Panleuk and My cats post) I did check  Mystery's mouth...his gums are really bright red by his mollars. I'm going to ask this vet i'm taking kittens to, if she can squeeze him in sometime before dec 16th...I'd take him to my own...but she's on the way to work and I can drop him in the morning and pick him up in the evening. :)

thanks for answers...hopefully its his gums that's causing his nasty breath.
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colgate :) and xtra strong mints, mouth rinse in the water.
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Of course, you're not serious?
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nooooo hence the little smile in there :)
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I tried mint....catnip is from the mint family...does that count?

LOL at Ed34.
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