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Blood test results input needed please

Ezmeralda, my 13 year old cat has renal failure.(she weighs 13.3 lbs)
I have been giving Sub Q fluids at home and supplements, (vet is aware), of probiotics(for about 3 weeks), b complex(past 2 weeks) and unscented fish oil(just started in past three days).
Her vet suggested Epogen injections but also said she was not at a crucial stage (HCT is 26.7) but will probably get there fairly soon.
I asked about iron supplementation but was told it probably would not help as the problem is with the kidneys not being able to release hormones.
Does anyone have any knowledge on cats with Anemia and interpreting bloodwork ?
These are my concerns:
RBC 5.19, normal low at this point, normal range 5.00-10.00
HCT 26.7, low, normal range 30.0-50.0
HGB 11.4, normal , normal range 9.0-15.1
MCV, 51.5, normal, normal range 41.0-58.0
MCH 22.0, high, normal range 12.0-20.0
MCHC, "MCHC out of reportable range", normal range 29.0-37.5
RDW 18.9, normal, normal range 17.3-22.0
WBC 12.62, normal, normal range 5.50-19.50
NEU 8.23, normal, normal range 2.50-12.50
LYM 2.13, normal, 0.40-6.80
MONO 1.37, normal high, normal range 0.15-1.70
EOS 0.86, high, normal range 0.10-0.79
PLT 618, high, normal range 175-600
BUN 50(was60 3 months ago), high, normal range 16-36
CREA 2.8, high (same as 3 months ago) normal range 0.80-2.4
NA 162, normal high, normal range 150-165
K (potassium) 3.5, normal low, normal range 3.5-5.8
CI 126, normal high , normal range 112-129
3 months ago she had these tests preformed and all were negative:
Feces culture for parasites, etc..
Feline Leukemia
UA(no bacteria was grown in culture)

I know she has some seasonal allergies, past problems with constipation(probably due to dehydration kidney failure)
I am getting a second opinion on this Saturday
Her appetite is good
Vomiting on rare occasions (usually always when she eats some grass in our fenced in back yard grass is untreated)
She is an inside cat and only goes out with my supervision and does not wander out into the yard very far
She gets high quality, no grain, low carb, low phosphorus, low sodium canned food only, she will not eat prescription kidney diet food.
She drinks quite a bit of water (probably due to renal problems)
She gets Sub Q fluids 100 ml every 3-4 days at home.
I am concerned about high and low levels  and also the normal highs on her blood work and also concerned that perhaps potassium supplementation should be started and that she could be developing Hypertension(I don't believe she has ever had her BP checked), and of course there is the high and low levels on her HCT, MCH, MCHC.(non regenerative Anemia?).
Any opinions, suggestions, knowledge would be most appreciated..
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I recently lost a cat to liver disease and she also had a full blood panel done.  I wouldn't be specifically concerned about the values near the high end but still within the normal range of that particular lab.  The "normal" ranges can vary somewhat from lab to lab.  I found the following site to be helpful in interpreting the various blood tests when they were done on my cat: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/complete-blood-count-cbc

The unfortunate problem with various nutritional deficiencies in older cats is that supplementation often isn't helpful when there is also an ailing internal organ that prevents proper absorption of the lacking nutrients.  Still, supplementation, hydration, and force feeding if necessary is about all that can be done when internal organs start to fail.  You also might try l-lysine for general immune system support.  The stronger you can keep her immune system, the better the chances that she can fight off any secondary infections.
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Thank you.
I am though, taking her last three labs to another vet for a second opinion.
It is sometimes "wise" to seek out another vet's views and "know" that your animal is indeed getting proper care and treatment.
Some people who had CRf cats told me that when HCT levels are above 20 that Epogen is not warranted at that time and also that Iron supplementation CAN help for awhile.
Also I have been doing alot of research on Potassium .Especially in Renal failure cats it is wise to start supplementation when their levels are at a normal low, which her's is 3.5 because you do not want to wait till it drops drastically and because the levels reflect what is circulating in the blood but not what is actually stored in the cells.
Low potassium levels symptoms can be : weakness in hind legs(she sometimes hesitates on jumping up in chair with me), polydipsia (sp? excessive drinking), polyuria, excessive urination), Anemia.Of course excessive drinking and urination do go hand in hand with renal failure also.

Thank you
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