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I have to admit, I've never really been a "cat" person so I don't know much about them... Until recently when my son encountered what I assume is a "wild" cat! At first CATC scratched and hissed and didn't want to be picked up. My son brought him in and we fed him. We checked with all the neighbors (we live in a heavily wooded area) and no one was missing a cat soooo... Ran to WalMart got everything I thought I may need...food & water dishes, food, collar, cat litter n pan, the basics (I think). My question is... Although the cat acted so wild it immediately used the litter box (one accident before we got the LB) but absolutely NONE since...would a wild cat automatically be litter box trained? Also, should I give the cat a bath (at my own risk I'm sure) it looks about 3-6 months old? I'm not sure!!! Any advice to a new cat owner is appreciated...
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Besides the obvious hissing and growling, you want to watch for the ears flattened...or tail swishing...all signs kitty has had enough, and time to back off.  A cat that is in pain may suddenly bite, also.  All cats are different, though.  We can pet and love on Jade forever, but we have a neighbor cat who will seek us out for loving, seem all cool with it, but literally for ONE minute, then she will bite and turn on you!  It's all in how much tolerance a cat has for petting/stimulation.  

You might want to google 'signs a cat is going to bite'..or something to that effect, and read up on cat behavior.  :)
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well a huge welcome to the world of us CAT lovers.....warning they grow on you:)
cats automatically want to dig before relieving themselves so it is possible that even a wild cat will use a litter box...however if he/she is settling into your home its likely this cat has had human contact before. many cats will hiss and scratch at a person they aren't familiar with when picked up, could be this cat is just scared...never know what unkind treatment he/she has already endured.
use alot of gentle patience and kindness and the cat will settle and soon feel more comfortable when he see's you are not going to harm him.
I would not attempt a bath, unless this kitty is really dirty and in dire need, most cats never need a bath and it just causes them alot of distress.
I would highly recommend a Vet exam soon tho, no vac's just yet....but a health check to make sure the kitty is healthy.
good luck...post any time and we will be most happy to give you any advice you could need.
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Hi Rosy. I love Cats. So glad your son "rescued" this kitty.
  I work with the DAWGS Rescue Foundation.they bring me
The orphan kittens & ferals to tame.   If they are flea ridden,
I do bath them.  If they have ear mites, I clean their ears &
Medicate. Trim their front fingernails.
Your kitty will need a shot to prevent distemper.Pamela
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Thank you guys for responding... I must admit I am becoming attached! Its so funny to see so much personality in a cat! Who woulda thunk it? I have a vet appointment next week for him! That's another thing, he isn't dirty or smelly at all. WEIRD THING: he only lets my son handle him... Won't come close to the rest of us really... Do cats bite? Probably a silly question but I wanna know what I am up against! :-)
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Yes. Cats bite.
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Dang! I just don't want to get bit...
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Hi Rosy!  Just wanted to welcome you to the forum...and the cat world! :)

As Pamela said, a cat can and will bite given certain circumstances.  Not only can it be extremely painful, it can also cause a nasty infection.  
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Are their warning signs? Or does a cat just bite?
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I had a little kitten that was a biter. She'd just come up & start biting your ankles if you were at the sink. Ouch! Even tiny teeth hurt.
If this Capt Amer likes your son, let him make the introduction to you gradually.  C.A., I'd like to introduce you to my mom.
Your son could take a paw & wave it to you.
Let that be it. Cats like to scope things out.
Have a blast. Pamela
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Regarding the litter box, we don't know how long the little CA has been out in the wild, usually the mother will teach the babies how to use the litter box, its possible Mom trained baby and then for some reason, baby got out or was let out and you found him...What mother cat teaches the baby is rarely forgotten, just keep it cleaned out a couple of times a week, more as he gets older, some cats hate dirty litter boxes and will go on the floor or in a closet rather than use a dirty box...

Kittys need time to adjust to a new house, it took mine a year to get really comfortable with doorbells ringing, phones ringing, strangers coming to visit and if they were hiding and I tried to pull them out of the hidey place, I got bit or scratched...

Let us know how CA is doing....
He is so young, maybe he will just move right in and take over the whole house and there won't be any problems at all....

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Lol! He definitely thinks he rules this roost already! I have always been really afraid of cats (no clue why) but this little guy has a huge personality! I've been going through tons of litter because I dump his box and add fresh every few hours! I didn't know I could do it every cpl of days! :-) So, do the bites not hurt? And if CATC does bite any of us how do we train him not to? Its so weird but he looks like a cat but acts like a dog. Lol
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get the clumping type litter Rosy...than all you have to do is scoop out the clumps(th poop and the pee will clump up)...the scoopers are sold same place as the litter. than you just have to top up with a bit more litter once or twice a week and a complete box clean once or twice a year.

Jade gave some good tips on what to watch for.
kitten bites are just teeny bites...no they don't hurt, just sting alittle. and usually most cats won't bite unless they are hurt or provoked, never Play fight with a cat and make them get into an attack mode....keep play time gentle with toy mouses, birds on a string, laser lights etc....try to avoid playing games with your hands...so kitty won't begin to think its ok to attack your hands..:)
never punish a cat, this will only make him mean. if he should accidently bite you while playing just say a loud NO...and stop whatever activity you were doing...they learn very quickly what is acceptable and whats not:)
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