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Cat got into a fight with another cat and has infection? (near eye) what to do.

I have put hydrogen peroxide and polysporin on it...any other suggestions? Also look bad enough for a vet. The injury took place a few weeks ago and for awhile just didn't look like much, but scab has since fallen off and it looks like this now.
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yes I do think it does look like a Vet needs to see this, its swollen, meaning there is an infection still there under the skin and its too close to the eye to fool around with any longer, if this infection should get into the eye he could well loose his sight....
he will probably just need an antibiotic and some eye drops...very inexpensive to treat now before it gets much worse.
btw don't let any Vet talk you into injection antibiotics...called 'convienia' very dangerous medication!!!!!! and I don't care if the Vet disagrees there have been many documented cases of very severe side effects even death from this drug.
use ORAL antibiotics only....good luck♥

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Thank you for the helpful advice.  If he's not improved by Monday, I'll take him in to the vet.  Their closed till then.
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How is your kit doing? Did you have to take him to the vet or did he improve over the weekend?

Hope it is good news!
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