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Hi everyone...hows all our little ones doing???
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Hi Opus, thanks so much for caring and asking! Misha is doing fine. I'm still trying to decide what to do next. I want to take her to the specialist to get another opinion before I go further but that's expensive and I just don't know how far I can go with this. We've already got a maxed out credit card and another one on the way. I can only go so far with the finances. So I'm trying to decide if I should go to the specialist first or just have them do the surgery and remove the lump and put her on the heart medicine. I don't even know how much the surgery will cost. I haven't asked them yet. Not even sure how I'm going to afford that one.
I would sure appreciate any and all prayers for us to make the best decision here. I'll let you all know when I know more.
Thanks so much for caring! That means so much to me. :)
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My prayers are with you, April.  I know you will make the right decision, whatever that ends up being.
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Misha has an appointment with the specialist on Thursday morning. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks guys.
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Thanks opus for asking about my boy.......He is in the hospital right now.  They are doing tests on his liver, kidney's and thyroid right now.  They said the blood work will be back tonight yet so am waiting to hear..  If it isnt any of these then he is going to start looking at GI issues as he said something is def. wrong.  Broke my heart to leave my big boy there but i know he is being taken care of.  So quiet here without him......

April.....I hope you find out what is going on with Misha...guess we will all keep us posted!!!
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Yes, do let us know how Snickers is doing as soon as you can, Sarah!

PrettyKitty, still haven't heard back from you. I hope Abby's doing ok. Please let us know.

Let's all keep these kitties in our prayers. God bless!
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Hi Sara...sorry to hear Snickers is also unwell and had to stay in the hospital.  I hope the bloodwork tells the story so the vet can get right on with treatment.  When our babies are gone, I know, it feels like a big void...
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