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Lethargic, Anorexic, Sick Kitty

My cat vomited up his food on Sunday morning, so I gave him a little tuna (since it was soft food), he later then threw that up, and wouldn't eat anything else. He continued throwing up for the rest of Sunday and Monday morning. Obviously he only began throwing up white or clear liquid since he had nothing left in him.

I took him to the vet on Monday and they said they couldn't feel any blockage and his temperature was fine. They gave him a shot to calm his stomach. Since then, he hasn't thrown up but he still won't eat. He is drinking a little water but that's it.

The tuna that I did give him had oil in it and I just learned that can cause a sickness to a cat called steatitis. I only gave him a small amount, but he has all the symptoms except a fever. He is extremely lethargic, won't eat, and when picked up or moving, he cries.

I called my vet and asked if he has any vitamin E that I could give him (because that is what is supposed to help with steatitis) but he said that he doesn't think the vitamin would do any good.

My question is I'm just wondering what is wrong with my poor cat? He will be 2 years old in April. Unfortunately, I can't afford for him to be hospitalized or taken in for x-rays, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I don't think I'd go with tuna anyway for a cat.  It's too rich for them and too imbalanced.  If kitty is still vomiting and you haven't gone to the vet yet, please give him some beef broth, a very tiny bit at a time maybe through a syringe.  But only about a half teaspoon every 15 minutes.  If he can keep it down, it will help him get hydrated and retain his electrolytes.  
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Im sorry your kitty isn't well, I really don't think a ONE time feeding of tuna or the oil would cause any disease, and you said he was vomiting before you feed the tuna....
we aren't Vets on this site, only pet parents and therefore unfortunately unable to diagnosis, this takes tests and visual exams by a Vet to determine what may be wrong.
I certainly hope he is eating by now and feeling much better otherwise please take him back to the Vet for more tests....cats cannot go more than 48 hrs without eating, and with all the vomiting he will also be dehydrated, he will soon become very ill without treatment...good luck♥
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