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Mama cat diarreha since giving birth

Okay so my mother cat we took in a few days before she gave birth has had very bad diarrhea since giving birth , the kittens have healthy stool and are perfectly healthy. Now the mother is sweet and eats and drinks water normally but im worried something may be wrong with her to cause the diarrhea. We've changed her food twice and nothing changed. Ive started the chicken but i wonder is there anything else i can do?
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Caitlin-   Is there a community animal clinic that will let you make payments?   The poor baby really needs professional help and meds.  This time last year we found an abused kitten that had profuse diarrhea, and like you I tried everything.  Cooking baby food rice with chicken broth, real rice, you name it.  The baby didn't improve until I got real meds- (I believe it was Albon), as the real reason wasn't stress, new food, new environment, or any of the other factors that I "thought" it could be, but a parasite that the baby could not recover from without prescription medication.  It saved our kitten's life........ and I couldn't bear to NOT do everything for this baby.

Only you can give this cat what it needs.  Most vets will work with you on payments, they know the outcome if you avoid treatment.   Good Luck.
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she has been on a steady diet for about two weeks or more and the kittens have perfectly healthy stool. Now the mama cat has taken to eating grass ad its helping her except that she throws up some of what she has started to digest. She is a good weight and plays and sleeps normally sadly my mother and I are doing the best we can until we can get enough money to the doctor but for now i need something to atleast help her calm down her stomach so that she doesnt lose the key nutrients she needs
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This cat needs to see a vet ASAP.  Since you took her in a few days before giving birth, it is more than likely caused by worms and/or parasites.  A simple stool sample should do the trick.  Those worms/parasites are stealing precious nutrients that the new mom desperately needs.

The sooner you can get her in, the better!!

Please, keep us posted.
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don't know whats causing this...changing foods to fast can be one reason. find a good one and stick with it.
has she ever been dewormed? she could likely have a parasite.....you should really take a small piece of her feces to a Vet to examine, dont go buying the over the counter stuff, it likely wouldn't be the right one for the parasite she has...if she has, that has to be determined before deworming. and if she does have them the kitties will too.
you really need to find a few dollars to take good care of these kitties dear, I now its not easy but their health is important too.
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