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My cat has seizure

Hello, sorry if my English is not good. My cat has been going through seizure recently. It usually last for about 1 minute. A few months ago, it happens 1 time per 3 week, then 1 time per 5 week. This month it happen every week. I am in Vietnam and I has brought him to the Vet. He is about 2.5 years old, 3.5kg male. He has been neutered, but he still have one testical inside him according to the doc. They ran blood test for him, the result is that his kidney is not going well, they are not collapsed entirely, but something related to some chemical rising in his kidneys, I am not sure how to explain in medical term. He drinks very few water, they advise to drink more, I help him to drink more by using syringe and inject water into his mouth gently. I just want to know if this is the right way to help him. Is there anything else that I could do to help him more?
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Kidney problems in a cat are often seen when the cat is old, many cats that die of "old age" die of kidney failure. For an old cat, the only thing that can be done is to give him canned food if he will eat it, and keep him as hydrated as possible. The fact that your cat is a young cat and has seizures and kidney problems doesn't mean the treatment for kidney issues would be any different than this, but because it's unusual for a young cat to have kidney problems (and because the seizures are also happening) makes me wonder if he is getting into something that is harming or poisoning him. Is there any chance he is being exposed to something in his environment that could be harming him?
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I keep him at home, he doesnt go out so I dont think something is poisoning him. Once time he ate food that we brought from restaurant, he stole the food and eat, I didn't give to hin, he got diarrhea and the seizures has begun since that time. However his poo poo is normal after a few days. Right now i just feed him canned food and also the special food for cat with kidney issue from the doc. It is so sad that this happen for him at this young age.
Keep feeding him what he will eat, canned food of any type. (Most cats won't eat "kidney diet" food, it must be very bland.) Unfortunately, there is not much else that can be done for kitties with kidney issues. Go for whatever canned food he will eat, and if it is the type that comes with juice or gravy, all the better because it will increase his liquid intake.
Thank you very much!, I will feed him with more canned food.
Adding a little fish oil to the kidney diet might make him like it better.
That is a great, I will try it!. Thank you Piparskeggr!
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