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PEEKABOO BOX homemade fun

cats love to play hunt....this is a great idea they will love

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must be something wrong with me......up at 5 a.m. cutting holes in a box???

Sami is loving it.....I put 3 of those small balls that have rattles inside so they make noise when they move...he is standing on the box, each of his front feet in a hole and his head in another trying to find them....lol....soooo cute
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Going to try this , I feel I don't play with Tweety enough, she is out during the day and has found a new friend a squirrel to race around with in the garden,  but I feel guilty as we used to have fun in the house,so I am going to make a box..
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Great idea!  We have a brand new box just waiting to have holes cut in it. :)
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Let's go and find the box first.  I'm going to make one for Eiva.
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Looks simple and fun for the kitties, unfortunately Kestrel is a cardboard sculptress...
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If I can find the right box, I think even Akira would like that kind of toy.  And, such a thing can be thrown into the recycling once it has worn out.  Pretty cool.
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