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Raw Food Diet

Hi! I know that a lot of our forum members are interested in raw food diets. On my facebook page this morning, I saw a great link shared by Jackson Galaxy(I absolutely love him).

I took a quick look and thought I'd share it! There's also an app that you can download to help you out with getting the recipes purrfect!!

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Why no salt?!

All the mammals wild or domestics require salt in their diets, too much salt or even too little is not good, just the right dose, and here is the tricky part! It’s very hard to put the right dose.
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great diet!!! only want to mention 2 small changes from the holistic diet I feed my own...NO salt, can't imagine why salt is among the ingredients

and you CANNOT freeze the taurine supplement, this must be added after thawing, taurine losses its strength if frozen and taurine is the one most important of all supplements.
thx for the link, great site!!!
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I saw the same one!!
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