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Two cats, two diet needs

I got Bella 1 1/2 year old female and Emma, 6 month old female. Problem? Bella is getting fat and Emma is still a kitten so she needs more food. Bella still plays and we are about to get a kitty climb fro them both in their own room. This winter Bella has ballooned into this round tubby shape. She used to be nibble and back flip practically on cue. Now it looks more like a whale trying to defy gravity:(

Bella needs help.
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I was going to ask if she was eating the kitten food as Spirit does this when we get a new kit and puffs up temporarily (she loves the stuff) but I see that doesn't seem to be the problem. I saw an episode of Cats 101 where there was a cat called Mopar who turned out to simply have a slow metabolism. His people followed the directions on the cat food box but Mopar was gigantic and finally they found a vet who told them to keep cutting back his portions till he starts losing weight and that worked. Mind you-he whined for more food at first, but when he started losing weight and became more active and clearly happier it was worth being strict with him. Good luck! Hope this was somewhat helpful.
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One thing I have noticed is that Bella has always wanted to drink from the bathroom sink first thing in the morning and any time I walked by the bathroom. She has a kitty water fountain with fresh water but she preferred the sink water running from the faucet.

Since going on this food she has not once asked to drink from the sink.
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I would agree with Opus about Bella concerning the Wellness grain free canned food.  Akira came to me more overweight than she is now.  The vet is pleased with her gentle weight loss, even if she is still a bit on the chunky side.  She definitely feels better.  She also didn't have any problem transitioning to this food, even though she still to this day prefers dry food.  She isn't going to get any more dry food, though, because wet food is better for cats and because dry food upsets her stomach.  Our house cats came from a species that still lives in the desert that gets most of its water from the food it eats, which is small rodents like the jerboa.  The species doesn't always even drink fresh water out in the wild.  But, it does sometimes, so fresh drinking water is still an absolute must.  But, this is why the domesticated house cat doesn't drink typically drink a lot of fresh water and why wet food is best.
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that good you've started them on a MUCH better diet...I think once they get eating this regularly it will solve the gas and diarrhea problems...12 oz per day is a normal amount to feed, she shouldn't get overweight on this amount...its all in the total calories per day.
as far as Bella, 15 lbs is plenty but I really wouldn't consider her 'overweight'....just chunky. keep her on the Wellness too and limit her to the 12oz or perhaps just a bit more if she appears to be really hungry she shouldnt gain more.

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They were getting meow mix 2 cups a day for the both of them. They ate from the same bowl. We just switched to Wellness canned cat food. http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/recipes.aspx?pet=cat&ft=2

It seems to have helped Emma the kitten a great deal with her gas/digestive problem already. She got some sort of infection in her lower intestine and rectum when she was very little "6 weeks old". She leaked black sludge and had painful gas. Ever since then she has had terrible gas that will wake the dead or me while i sleep. But since a couple of days ago she has been just about gas free.

They are going through 12.5 oz in a 24 hour period. About 6 oz each. Three feedings a day at about 2oz a feeding. They like the food and have had no transitioning issues, but they are used to eating different things. They are not your typical cats:)

Bella, my grown cat is close to 15 lbs and is over weight. I will post pictures on my profile.  
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skippy hi and welcome to out site.
can I asked what you are feeding them to start with? what type of food and how much?
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