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My cat has worms no matter what i try it lessens then comes back. Could it be her wet cat food?
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The worms look like straight pins. Don't have a way to get to the vet nor do I have the money.  Since i moved last june she doesn't go out. This has got me baffled.Shes active & looks fine. I guess I'll have to wait till I can find a way.to bring it.thnx for your input I do appreciate it
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Have you ever taken a stool sample to the vet so the kind of worm can be properly identified?  For example, you might give an over-the-counter worm medicine available for roundworms, but entirely miss tapeworms.  Also, tapeworms appear visibly in the stool every now and again, so if your kitty has tapeworms that would make sense.  I don't think your cat is getting worms from her cat food, but she might have a kind of worm that you aren't touching with the worm medication you are using.  Please take a stool sample to the vet, particularly if there are worms showing in it, and the vet will be able to tell you right away what kind of worms it is.  

ps -- Tapeworms come from fleas, from the cat eating a flea that has bitten it.  If your kitty gets out and there are fleas in the environment or on the mice they eat, he or she could be getting re-infected.  My indoor-outdoor cats have to be wormed about every three months, this time of year, for that reason.
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