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crystals, diabetes, IBD

I have a male cat that had crystals block his urethra several years ago. The last time he had to be catherized, I asked my vet if there was some way to control the issue with diet. She suggested distilled water, but also put him on dry CD at the same time.  He's never had crystals since.  However, last week he was diagnosed with diabetes (GB was 420) and IBD.  I started him on insulin a few days ago.  My vet also wants me to put him on Royal Canin hypoallergenic dry food but after 9+ years on dry CD (and limited wet food), I just can't do it.  The Royal Canin food is a soy based diet.  I've started him on a strictly wet food diet.  Am trying several different high animal protein, low carb/grain free canned foods (Merrick, Wellness, EVO, Instinct) to see what he will eat.  He is eating A LOT and seems to be putting some weight back on.  He is urinating less (was completely filling the box twice a day) however, he still has a very runny stool.  How long does it normally take to see a change in that?  I do NOT want to put him on steroids if I can avoid it.
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hi and welcome.
I will just comment quickly right now that it is ABSOLUTELY most important that your kitty does NOT eat dry food. A male cat with crystals MUST eat wet canned food ALWAYS......
In the meantime I will send you an excellent site by a very knowledgable Vet. who deals with nutrition. please read it and all the links on the right side...she also lists all the best GRAIN FREE commercial diets on the market.


anytime you are starting a new diet, do the transition slowly to avoid loose stools.
good luck. will reply more later when I get a chance.♥
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Thank you for your response.  I've read catinfo.org thoroughly and have been implenting her suggestions. It really is a GREAT site!

I just hate that he has diarrhea, it has to be uncomfortable...wondering if there is a point where I should become more concerned if the stools don't firm up.  I'm also left wondering why my vet left my cat on dry CD for so many years - and is now suggesting a dry hypoallergenic - when he obviously should have been on a wet animal protein diet long ago.  I feel guilty for feeding him such a bad diet for so long.  It has obviously contributed to his health issues.

Any other suggestions you can make would be greatly appreciated.
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hi, glad you are familiar with catinfo...it is a great site I agree.
I'm like you I sure don't understand WHY on earth most Vets push the dry food so much, most have never had much training as far as nutrition and just believe what the high powered sales teams tell them....and believe me there is a lot of bucks involved in 'pet food'
but at one time my cats were all on dry food too, and I lost one dear one to urinary tract disease and another to CRF before I became more proactive.

Whatever you do, don't put your kitty on steroids.....he is already diabetic, that can be caused by steroids and so can many other diseases. Steroids are harsh potent chemicals that should only be used as a last resort and than only for inflammation or immunosuppression.

feed him canned food, with a good source of protein...not meat by-products. Wellness and Evo are supposedly good foods, although there is some negative comments I've read recently about Wellness. the canned EVO, I have a personal grudge with, one of my boys was on this one and had some problems with pigmentation loss. took many lab tests b4 I learned it was due to the food being low in tyrosine. That was the 95% Beef, can't comment on the chicken or fish ones?

Have you tried adding canned pumpkin to the wet food? Its a great insoluble fiber and cats like the taste, that will help firm up the stool. I don't know how much wet you feed at a time but add abt 1/3 teas. daily. be sure you buy the PURE canned pumpkin NOT the pie filling.
this will help with the diarrhea, its probably caused by trying so many new foods and also the transition from dry to wet...and this will stop once kitty is used to his new diet....
a transition to any new food should always be done slowly to prevent diarrhea and other GI upsets.

My Nemo was diagnosed with crystals 2 yrs ago. I tried every canned food on the market that I could buy locally, he refused them all and I tried everything for months...I was finally forced to learn how to do a homemade diet for him, he has been crystal free with a normal PH since.

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Thank you Opus, this is very helpful.  Unfortunately I 'm not sure what is causing the diarrhea since he already had it when I switched him to the wet food.  It is good to know that it could take a few months for his system to adjust.  He is also on a mild antibiotic for sneezing which seems to have become a snort/cough in the past couple of days.  I'm sure that the antibiotic could be irritating his GI tract as well.  I will buy some pumpkin as well today.  I've been feeding primarily Wellness and he primarily likes the Beef.  I have only been able to find the EVO Duck and he hasn't tried that one yet.  He really likes the Merrick Cowboy Cookout, but it is also beef.  He hasn't had beef in his diet before so I'm sure that is why he primarily likes it.  I've been trying Nature's Variety Instinct cans this week (they started in the industry with raw food).  He likes it but it seems much drier than the other products to me so I'm not sure if I'll give him that going forward.  So many issues to try and work around...but he's worth it!
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no don't get my comment wrong.....beef is fine!!!!
it was just the EVO beef that for some reason is lower in tyrosine, and perhaps not for all cats...just to low for certain breeds that require high doses (siamese, himalayan or solid black cats....all need higher doses)

How long has he been on the antibiotic? this can also cause diarrhea or GI upset yes.
I think the Merrick Cowboy Cookout is a good food.so is Nature's Variety..just check it should be the same as all cans at 78% moisture, or add a bit of water yourself...you are on the right track for good brands, and its also good to rotate occasionally. Cats fed on one particular diet do often develop an allergy to it over time, as is with chicken b/c so many of the foods have a chicken or poultry base.

aww yes our kids are worth the effort I couldn't agree more!!!!
keep up the fight...
btw glad to have you and kitty(?name?) join us on our little cat community..we learn by helping others and sharing our stories♥
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I am sending you some info on probiotics...this would be a good idea to add to your kitties diet. to strengthen his immune and gut system. the article is from the dr. Mercola site. but I will also send you a link to iherb.com this is where I buy the probiotic that I give my cats its in 'human' form. works out to be less expensive only a sprinkle a day needed...and safe for cats with no glutens or additives. iherb is a great company, I use it for both myself and all the supplements I order for my kitties..very reasonable shipping rates too


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