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I jusr recently adopted an 8 year old lovely female tortoiseshell. she is old and beautiful and sweet but she seems to have a bit of dandruff. does anyone know what causes this and how to stop it?
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sorry I have to disagree with aligator.....do NOT use baby lotion or oil on kitties skin.....there are too many ingredients in both of these products, kitty will lick himself and ingest all this 'stuff' thats not good for him.

like Pip suggested a good regular brushing helps alot, so does adding some Omega3 to their diet.....pierce a capsule and add a small amount to their food...best to get one with the least amount of additives..or one from your Vet.
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Chesapeake (10 years old) is "flaky." :-{)

We just brush her a few time a week, just before it's time to vacuum the carpets.
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My Taz has bad dandruff too.  I use a little bit of baby lotion- NOT oil- and rub it into his skin really well.  
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