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dry skin

I have a lovely little black cat. I noticed yesterday she seems to be having a bad case of the flakes. she has a lot of dandruff in her hair. she only eats grain free food (both wet and dry) should I be giving her something to counteract this dandruff? maybe some sardines or olive oil or something. thank you!

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When I adopted Sophia Loren, a totally black baby girl, she was fed 4 years of dry cheap food and if I took a photo of her, I spent more time in photoshop trying to clean up the flakes when I should have been posting and selling the photos....

About 2 months ago I switched both my girls to a all wet diet of fish and tuna, not the human tuna, but canned animal tuna, and have to tell you that todays photos showed hardly any dandruff flakes at all.  They have also had many behavior changes since the switch to all wet, they are talking, and playing with toys and climbing into my lap where they pet my hair and my face over and over.  Sophia has arthritis and could barely walk to the food bowl in November, now she is playing chase with her sister and actually taking a stand over her food bowl to keep MewMew away from it...

I cannot stress the wet diet enough.  miracles happened here at my house and that is enough proof for me....

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Hi Nance,
Your little girl is adorable. We need to find an answer to the dandruff problem so she look her best healthy self.

Could just be dry skin from inside air without humidity , could be an allergy to cleaning products or other environmental factors, could also be a parasitic infestation.

There is such a thing as "walking dandruff" it walks because it is caused by a large reddish mite. This mite will cause mild itching with a tremendous amount of dry skin. Best to take a white sheet and comb your cat over it and see what drops out of the fur. You may see these little buggers, or squish the debris and see if it leaves reddish brown streaks. If it does ...Mites it is--the formal term is Cheyletiella Mange.

You also may want to let the vet take a skin scraping to examine it under a microscope for other possibilities.

Your little girl is just too beautiful to have dandruff--lets get some answers.
Good Luck and keep us posted, please

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hi Nance I agree with CML comments also that your baby is beautiful!!!

you can also try stopping all the dry food and yes try some sardines...a few occasionally wouldn't hurt...but not often. you are much better off getting some Omega 3 fatty acids in the form of KRILL OIL and adding them too her food, it could be that her skin is just really dry and on black cats the flakes show up so much more..
I also have a black kitty named Nemo..lol.

good luck, let us know okay:))

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my darling girl has to go back to the vet for some annual vaccinations. now I dont much care for vaccinations. I sometimes thing they do more harm than good.now since she was adopted she has never been outside so rabies? doesnt make sense.. now  Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis maybe, Calicivirus Infection (which is bad as I had a kitty die from this) and  Panleukopenia. ok I work in a no-kill cat shelter so I may have brought something home to her although it is a wonderfully clean place so maybe the fvrcp is an ok idea. your comments? thanks nancy
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my saskia gets grain free wet food at night and only grain free dry food during the day.. she is only 2 years old so no arthritis.. but thank you for your comments.
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I love your black cat!  All you need to do is go to your local pet store and buy a special shampoo for cats for dandruff, itchiness, and dry skin.  And, you can buy some salmon oil or omega 3 oil for cats and give her a half teaspoon a day in her food.  This should really help a lot.  I have done it myself and my cat looks great!
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Hi Nance,

STILL....."GOT DAnDRUFF"?? How is your baby's fur problems??

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