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ive always had male cats,need to know if my female cat sick

i have a 3 yr old female cat,ive had her for 2 yrs,i got her from someone else who rescued her at 7wks old,so I don't know much about her,shes my first female,ive always had males,she goes on these "fits " once every couple weeks,where she wont eat and pukes,now shes peeing outside her box,ive not changed her diet, she only eats the food that I give her,ive tried others,is this normal for a female cat?
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No not normal at all, she may well have a UTI, urinary tract infection. Or crystals that block the passage of urine,  Inappropriate elimination is often due to them associating the litter box with pain, she needs to see a Vet asap
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I second the above impression.  We've had girl cats the past 30 odd years and the only young one we had (like your kitty) who peed outside the box, did indeed have crystals and a UTI.

Vet visit IS in order.
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