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are there any adults here with mild CP?

I was born with mild CP. The spacicity was in my legs and with the help of braces and therapy, I was able to walk "normal".

I am now 38. I have always had almost no muscle on the left side of my body. If I was very tired, sometimed I would get a little limp,but that's all.

Now, I have been having neuropathy, and most recently spacicity in arms and legs that becomes quite  painful.

Sometimes, I notice my fingers and toes sticking together.

What I'm wondering is do any other adults with mild CP have these symptoms?

The dr's have no idea what is causing my issues.

Thank you for reading
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i am 38 years old and i have mild Cp. Within the last year or so i have noticed that both of my legs seem to tighten up when i walk. i wear custom made shoes,and the condition mainly affect my left foot and leg. i do have muscle spasms from time to time. i don't really know what to do about it. i am taking Flexeril for the muscle spasms but haven't noticed a change yet. it gets embarrasing because it always happens when i go out in public.
I am turning 50 in March.  I was born with mild CP as well.  I never had surgery because my mother wouldn't allow them.  I have noticed that last few years the same thing that you're experiencing.  My leg muscles seem to stiffen up and it becomes difficult to walk smoothly.  I always walked "funny" but I could always walk and "run" fine.  It's only been the past few years that this started happening.  It seems psychological at times when I think that people are staring at me.  It makes me very self conscious.   It sucks because I used to be able to run up and down stairs.  Now it is difficult to even walk smoothly.  Feels like I have lost a lot of coordination.  
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It sounds like in addition to your cp affecting your legs, you also have a bit of hemiparesis (weakness on one side), is that right?  Though you may have fallen into a "mild" spastic cerebral palsy category as a child, as you are getting older, your symptoms are less controllable.  Have you ever taken an anti-spasmodic such as oral baclofen or zanaflex?  Botox injections can also help with spasticity.  Are you exercising, keeping your muscles and tendons as loose as possible to prevent contractures?  If your doctor is stumped, is it worth getting another opinion?  If so, I would recommend that you see either a physiatrist (specializes in rehab medicine), a neurologist, or an orthopedist who treats adults with cp.  If you have difficulty finding someone who specializes in cp, call a teaching hospital, talk with someone in a pediatric orthopedic office and ask if any of their doctors follow patients into adulthood.  For example, our pedi ortho sees patients up to about age 30.  If they don't, ask who in the community sees this group of patients.  In the meantime, I would ask your current doctor for a prescription for physical therapy to learn some exercises that can help you prevent contractures.  Good luck.
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I am 33 years old and have mild spastic dipalegia. I had some developmental problems as a young child (trouble walking, running, poor hand eye co-ordination) but with the help of physical therapy, i was able to start to walk normally and for most of my life I have'nt been impacted by it. Over the last few years iI have noticed increasing  spasming in my legs and back. My legs get very weak when I stand for eveoctors who apparen a few hours. I drop things a lot lately too and sometimes it feels like my hands won't work. The most frustrating part for me though is dealing with doctors who apparently know very little about CP. I have seen several doctors in the past few years who seemed to think I was crazy when I told them I had CP and two of them suggested I was mis-diagnosed! I is so nice to be able to share experiences with other adults with CP, especially mild CP because I think alot of people don't understand what we go through, even some doctors!
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Only time will tell I guess. Everyone's experiences seem to differ but you sound a lot like I was at your age and things are going downhill for me. I wish you the best.
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I am 33 years old and have mild CP. I have a also noticed that I do not bounce back as fast as I use to. Remaining calm and not being too hard on myself has helped reduce the number of spasms I get. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with a brother or sister who still expects you to perform at the the same physical level as you did when you were a child/teenager? Any advice would be appreciated.
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I am 18 years old and to be honest growing up with mild cp was difficult. my whole family always pushed me to be like them and do things that I just couldn't do and as a kid.... it made me really self conscious. my family believes that I am making it up or that I could if I wanted to. I am really afraid to drive... like I have anxiety's how even my slightest spasm could harm others. I don't drive and I don't want to but I would like to know if you guys do how do you feel? confident and in control? And if you are a parent with CP has it effected your parenting at all?
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