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my son is 7 and has cp

my son goes to a public school, and lately he has been having alot of behavioral issues at school. in the past two to three weeks I have had to have two parent teacher meetings that I have requested due to the comments that his teachers have called me and made about his behavior and have written in his aggenda book. my son has a mild case of cerebral palsy. He can walk with a walker and at home he does not have to use it in the house. He is very smart he retaines alot of memories from three to four years back. He knew his abc's by the time he was two and speaks and looks normal eccept for his gate due to his legs being effected by the cp. he has full range of motion with his upper body and arms and has made alot of improovement in his ability to write with a pencil while holding it correctly and not in a fisted approach. He gets in moods alot lately at school more so than at home when doing school work where he will put his head down and nothing motivates him to try. he wont even pick up the pencil or turn his paper over to start working. I have had atlest four phones calls not including the negative notes about him in the last few weeks. school just started and he is so young to be acting like this at school. I have tried to set up an allowance on a daily basis he earnes it if he is good at school and at home. he has yet to earn the set amount in three weeks time. He also has a bad problem with going "number 2" in his clothes at home and at school. I have tried talking to him and telling him the kids at school will start making fun of him if it continues and he wont have any friends. I have started making him clean him self up when it happens to show him it would be less work if he just went to the bathroom like he has befor. he has a mega colon and about two months ago he was hospitalized to clean out his gi tracked and is on laxitives, (myralax and milk of magnesia) he can hold it and medical test have confirmed he can feel when he has to go. his gi specialist is hoping that by keeping his stool loose that his colon can shrink over time to its normal size. I know he can hold it and its not because his stool is peanut butter consitancy that he goes in his clothes its because he gets caught up in tv or playing and wont go to the bath room till he has already done it or cant hold it and goes just befor he gets to the potty. I am very concerned with his behavior at school and it is spilling over at home as well he seems unfocused and like he cant pay attn. His grades are not satisfactory to say the least. I feel like I have no other choice but to believe that my son is depressed or suffereing from some syndrome ex add or both. I have been diagnosed with bipolar by a counseler but not by a doctor. we are a low income family and like most people now funds are stretched and their is not room for recreation funds in our budget. we only drive where we need to and very seldome go visit people. most the time we dont have visitors at our house. his father is not the best he sees him about once every 6 weeks some times longer. he hears the door close and not all the time but more in the past few weeks I have noticed he starts crying thinking that I have left him alone with out anyone around. I try to reasure him that I will never leave him alone untill he is old enough that he can be left alone while I go to the grocery etc and he will admit that I have never left him alone. I think this comes from the lack of his father being in his life, and the fact that I was in a relationship with the only man he knew to be their every day since he was a baby and its been a year and a half since he and I broke up and my son is 7 so he did take it hard but he is just now acting out at school. I guess what I am wondering is if he could be depressed and if so what can I do to get him treatment, I dont want him to have to take meds and be spaced out and cloudy and like a zombie.
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Hi. The extra difficulties that a child with cerebral palsy faces can increase the likelihood of developing depression. It is important that children with cerebral palsy have access to a counsellor or parent (someone other than a parent or primary care giver) whom they can speak freely about what's troubling them and get the guidance and emotional tools they need to get to keep a healthy attitude.  Aside from family support, you might also want to consider psychological counselling and behavioral therapy to help him cope with his depression. Hope this helps.
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