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Spotting between periods, cramping too.


I got my periods on 25th May, and I started to spot brown discharge on June 13 and it turned to light red mixed with some brown sometimes, it is also stringy and like mucous.  I have mild cramping when I walk and one sided lower back pain radiating to my leg.  I was first diagnosed with UTI, it is now cleared but my symptoms have not. I also had an ultrasound of lower abdomen and there were no cysts or any other abnormalities to the uterus or ovaries. The spotting and pain in both abdomen and one sided back has been very bothersome to the point I fear I may have something serious. I had my last pap in May 2008 which came back normal. The doctor took another one for this year, fearing it could be something related to cervix. Could this be cervical cancer? I am scared. really scared.  They took hormone tests on me and the doctor told me I have an elevated DHEA level - it should under 9, but I have 17. Could someone get cancer within a year of normal pap smear? I am NOT PREGNANT, I AM NOT ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS EITHER. I have less than moderate sex life with only one partner throughout.

Any help will be useful, any guidelines will be greatly appreciated.
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I beleive that is a question only a qualified physician could answer. We are not doctors, thus cannot speculate if you have cancer. Best of luck
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I have had my periods like that for a very long time, my doctor put me on Birth Control to regulate it, mine was just that my body was delaying bleeding, so I would get my eriod a week after I naturally should. It cause bleeding just like you stated, I also have a few cervical cysts and have since I was 12...I'm 19, the weird bleeding hasn't fully gone away but it has improved. I get sever pain in my right leg which is where my cysts are situated, and when it is only ONE cyst it is usually a singulr cyst, worth getting checked though. Good luck.
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