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What are the chances of LSIL progression?

Two years ago, I had an abnormal PAP. The doctors I had at the time weren't very good about explaining things so I'm not sure if it was LSIL or inconclusive. Last year, I had a repeat PAP at my first pre-natal appointment and it came back LSIL. Because I was pregnant, I didn't really think much about it but I just got a letter reminding me to schedule my new follow up. I was supposed to go in February but didn't have time and now I'm a few months late and my doctor couldn't get me in until 13 June. I'm now kind of stressed because I don't know what to think. I guess I have three primary questions: 1) I was unable to dilate past 5cm when I was in labor with my daughter, could this be because of the abnormal cells? 2) is the likelihood of progression this year higher because I have a history of abnormal results? 3) we were planning on waiting to have another child until our daughter is a little older but are considering trying to conceive again earlier if my new PAP results come back abnormal again. Would that be a problem?
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