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Is it normal for 1 year old to lift my shirt

My  almost 2 year old son keeps lifting my shirt up just to lay his head on my stomach or go lay his body on top of me. He is very adamant about it and he won’t allow me to have my shirt down with him in the bed with me. So I sleep shirtless so he’s comfortable. Does anyone know why he’s doing this? He started this a month ago
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Did you nurse? Honestly, you don't need to sleep shirtless.  It's okay to tell a one year old who is almost two no.  If he just lifts it up to lay on your stomach, well, so be it. But you don't have to forgo a top with him in your bed.  And you can start to pull it down and say, no.  Mama is cold.  I snuggled my toddlers and love that he wants to be close to you.  And touching skin to skin isn't a problem. But they are creatures of habit.  Just move him out of it so you yourself are comfortable too.  He's gonna get bigger and then it will get more and more awkward.  good luck
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