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Allergies to Cats and Dogs

My four year old daughter three years ago never had a symptom of breathing issues. It wasn't until her mother introduced two cats and two dogs that she began to have difficulties and allergies.  It was later confirmed, after I request she see an allergist, that it was confirmed to be allergic to pollen, cats, dogs and rabbits. Even though the allergist told her mother that she should consider removing the pest from her home, the pets remain. Since that time my daughter has been in and out of the emergency room and doctor's offices and now has developed asthma. Each time I bring up the allergies and the pets, the doctor(s) will not be forceful in getting the point across that the pets are the greatest trigger and need to be removed.  Though it is suggested, the conversation always ends in them asking if the pets are being kept away from her bedroom, to which the answer is always yes and that's the end of it.  How can I get this corrected?  Why is the end all be all the bedroom?  Isn't pet dander attached to her clothes considering they roam freely around the home where my daughter plays and rolls around on the carpet? Isn't that carried into her bedroom which takes away the argument that the pets aren't in that room?  In addition I have picked her up with pet hair all over her clothing which is another indicator of what she is encountering. I have just went through another episode with her coughing, wheezing, dark circles under eyes, pale face and the inhalers and nebulizer.  Any ideas!!!
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My daughter had bad asthma for almost 15 yrs and it wasn't until our cat of 20yrs passed away that her asthma went away.  She was quite the opposite .. her allergy tests showed tiny allergy (small welt) to cats and the allergist said no need to find a new home for our beloved cat.  Everyone was amazed how well she's doing since our cat has passed on.  To play it safe we have gotten a hypoallergenic dog and everything's been fine.

We had rabbits, too, for a few years and they were okay.

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Hello conleyge,

As much as I like animals, in my opinion, your daughter's health comes
first. You say you have two cats and two dogs as family pets living in
your home. I heard that male cats have more cat dander than female
cats . You didn't mention what sex the cats are. I have asthama myself.
I got asthma in my early twenties. Your daughter's allergy to cats and
dogs has been confirmed. Your daughter is only 4 years old. Whether
or not the cats and dogs are kept out of her bedroom is not the issue.
If your daughter is getting cat and dog hair on her clothing, she is also
bringing that cat and dog dander into her bedroom. She is also breathing in that cat and dog dander. You say your daughter
has just been through another episode of "coughing, wheezing" and that she is using inhalers. These asthma attacks can get worse for your daughter. Your daughter could have an asthma attack in which the bronchial tubes close and this is extremely serious. You need to find
new homes for these animals. Your daughter's health is being compromised big time. You asked for any ideas. You need to find new
homes for these four pets or cut down on the amount of animals in your
home. Four animals is obviously too many as your daughter is having
breathing difficulties with so many animals in your home. Perhaps another
family member could take care of your 2 dogs and 2 cats. Another alternative is to just have one cat or one dog. A family we know has a son
who has an allergy to dog fur. They have chosen a Portugese water dog
as their family pet as apparently these types of dogs give off the least amount of dander. I have asthma too and we have one cat.  We've had
him, he's a male cat for a little over a year and so far my astham seems
to be okay with it. You and your wife could explain to your daughter that
you will need to find new homes for a few of your pets. I know it will be
hard, but you have to think of your daughter's health as I mentioned
her asthma can get worse and if cat and dog fur are her asthma triggers,
you have to remove the asthma triggers. Her asthma should improve.
If you give your family pets to other family members, you daughter can
still visit with them. It wouldn't be as traumatic for her. I hope these
suggestions have been helpful.
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