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How to interpret Quest Advanced Lipid Panel Cardio IQ

Rest blood work as follows
Total cholesterol 266
HDL 78
Triglycerides 50
LDL 174
Non HDL 188
Cholesterol/HDL ratio 3.4
LDL particle number 2178
LDL small 286
LDL medium 436
HDL large 7840
LDL pattern A
LDL peak size 222.3
ApoB 120
Apia <10
Confused about results, some numbers good some bad not sure what to think any help would be appreciated.
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First, talk to a cardiologist: your LDL is almost twice what it should be. That said, it’s really the only outlier and it’s driving the other “worrisome” numbers like “non HDL.” Best guess is you’re fit as a fiddle and got a spurious lab result. Novel research suggests that a profile like yours is very different from the usual higher-risk one where LDL and TGs are high and HDL is low. Again, ask a doc. Consider a coronary artery calcium test (CAC) to rule out the presence of arteriosclerosis. Initiate statin therapy as advised. Since your high LDL/high HDL/low TG panel is so unusual, I’d repeat it. If you get the same results, you’ll only get theories, not concrete answers. but take heart: Men with conventional risk factors for heart disease (high LDL) have a low risk of it if they have low TG–high HDL-C levels.
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Some numbers seem okay but your "Total cholesterol 266" is very high. Get on some statins
or at least ask your doctor if you should be on one of them to lower that number.
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