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Total cholesterol 104, HDL 33 got flagged for low HDL

Chol 104
HDL 33
triG 105
Calc LDL 50

New Doctor didn't like the HDL number, these are essentially the same numbers I've had for last 10 years.  55 year old, active dad but not a gym rat.  comments ?
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Well, as long as your total is alright and your ldl not over 100 --  are you saying your ldl is 50? As long as those numbers in line, that's great for your cholesterol .Hereditary can keep our HDL lower no matter what we do. However, the number is also indicating to your doctor that maybe you are a bit sedentary. I can be working out a lot and my HDL doesn't go up much. My doctor says I have 'crummy' genes. sigh. Do you exercise at all? Go for walks or anything?
OK, so the Doctor called me back and said he was mistaken.  My total Chdl is 104, HDL 33, LDL 50, TriG 105, HDL+LDL+1/5 TRIG gives total cholesterol.  He said "With a total Cholesterol of 104 it would be impossible to get anywhere close to the 60 recommended for HDL"."
   MY LDL/HDL was 1.5 and TC /HDL 3.2 all indicate a low risk for coronary disease.   He said forget about it, its not a concern.  
I'm 99% vegan so that might be the cause the low overall numbers.  I dunno.
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Your total cholesterol is too low.
Hypocholesterolemia is a total blood cholesterol usually less than 160mg/dL (4.1 mmol/l).

I had low cholesterol due to malnutrition.  I see you are vegan so malnutrition is a likely cause for you as well.  Veganism is linked to nutrient deficiencies and malnutrition if not planned correctly.
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Most in this forum would be delighted to have your problem. “Low HDL cholesterol does not increase the risk of coronary heart disease when LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels are normal, according to an analysis from the Framingham Offspring Study.” Your numbers are enviable. Take the win!
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