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emergency airway management

hello , should an individual with stopped breathing in re of asthma be intubated and placed on a mechanical ventilator until such time that breathing on their own take place, and is nine minutes for placing an endotracheal tube too long with a reported spasmic throat?
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A respiratory arrest, due to an asthma attack, is a strong indication for intubation and mechanically-assisted ventilation, until the airways open up and the person can breathe on his own.

Nine minutes is longer than the usual or average time required for a person experienced in endotracheal intubation, to correctly place an endotracheal tube, but some intubations can be very difficult, even when performed by an anesthesiologist.  It is reasonable for the intubation to take longer with throat spasms.  Sometimes the use of additional topical anesthetic might relieve the spasm.
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