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Ideas on a sore throat that is worse upon awakening and more towards the evening

I was sick with a cold 2 weeks ago. Never really got congested but sore throat hit me hard as well as fatigue ear pain just felt terrible . The doc said it was a virus with Eustachian tube dysfunction . Sge put me on Flonase  The sore throat went awar but was left with a persistent cough for a week . I would wake up and it was so hard to swallow because the Mucus in my throat was so sick. After the cough subside I started to have throat pain again when I wake up then it would proceed to get better during the day and then towards the end of the day it's uncomfortable to say the least . I have fibromyalgia so and am in grad school and working so fatigue is my middle name . I wear a mouth guard and washed real good thinking maybe there was some bacteria on it or something . I get the sore throat in am could be allergies but having a sore throat toward the evening before I even lay down before I'm even home from work is strange to me
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This sounds a lot like me! I also use Flonase, but it doesn't take care of all of my symptoms. Two things that I've done to remedy my sore throat: Oddly enough, during a visit to an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist, I was told to take prilosec, once in the morning and again at bedtime. This helps calm the effects of allergy drainage,  which can upset the stomach and cause a sore throat. The other thing I do is take 1200 mg. guaifenesin (Mucinex or generic), once in the morning and again at bedtime.  This thins mucus so that it *will* drain, also allowing the throat more moisture.  I have also come across mention of people using guaifenesin in their treatment of fibromyalgia (https://www.drugs.com/comments/guaifenesin/for-fibromyalgia.html). Before I was ever diagnosed with fibromyalgia I noticed a decrease in pain that I was experiencing, so although I'm skeptical about the connection, I certainly won't discredit the possibility.
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Thank you for your reply . I actually do take Prilosec twice daily for my stomach issues. I will definitely try the Mucinex . Does that make you sleepy?
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