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viral Cardiomypathy

My 18 year old son recently had the stomach virus but did not get better we took in to the ER with shortness of breath, chest pain, blurred vision, and a stiff neck.  The Doctors thought he was having a heart attack, but the next day after having a heart catheterization, told us it was Viral Cardiomyopathy, and that his heart was working at 30 percent.  3 days later they released from the hospital and told us his heart was working at 40 percent and placed him on  Coreg and Lisinopril .  How long does a person stay on these meds?   And How long should it take for our son to fully recover?
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I would take the linsinopril and throw it out, but my husband collasped from it and hydrochlorothiazide.  I took him to the ER where he contracted a "Super Virus", and it took him 6 months to get over it, but not before he gave it to me, and it cause CHF, and kidney failure, stages 4 and 5 respectively.....and it all started with lisinopril.

I know several others who take lisinopril, some do okay on it, but not all.....usually people who don't get out much, or do much excercise, but for a 18 year old male, I think it might be a dangerous drug.  However, that is just a PERSONAL opinion, and I have no medical training to back me up.  Just practical experience....

How long does a person stay on these drugs?  Well, for however long it takes for him to improve to normal range, if that ever happens.  A EF of 40% is low, but I have survived for 3 1/2 years at 15-20%, and I'm still taking Coreg and have just recently had it reduced to 12.5 mg, 3xday, but that's because kidney dialysis is causing my BP to drop below normal range and makes me symptomatic, with dizzyness, and weak muscle control, ect.

Personally, I would get rid of the lisinopril, as it has lasting effects, and they just aren't good effects, especially for a young person who is still interested in having a life.

How long should it take for your son to "fully" recover?  It's a crap shoot at best.  Some people have good recovery, while others(such as myself) don't see much improvement at all.  You can only follow the doctor's directions, and see to it that your son does everything possible to better his situation, and perhaps he will be one of the fortunate ones and have full recovery.

I do hope the best for your son, and you........
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