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Is this typical of dementia?

My mom has dementia, some type that makes the patient very aggressive and physically abusive.   She is also verbally and emotionally abusive as well as ungrateful(for example, I do everything for her yet she says I do nothing for her).  She is also extremely stubborn and spiteful.  But she is like this only with me.  She is very sweet and reasonable with everyone else.  No one will help me take care of her because they don't think anything is wrong with her except forgetfulness.  I am having a hard time taking care of my own health problems(diabetes, kidney failure, and increasing vision loss among them) because of the demands of her care.  Sometimes I feel the only way out is to kill myself.  Is this typical of dementia?
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   Behavioral changes can be part of dementia. The best thing to do would
be to have her see a neurologist for follow up as some of these concerns are treatable. It would also be worthwhile to find out if she might be eligible for a home attendant. After fuller documentation from a treating specialist it would be easier for her to meet the eligibility criteria for any assistance.  If this is affecting your life then it might help to see if there is a support group for family members who are caring for a parent or other family members with dementia to share coping tips and provide support.
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My 88 year old father has dementia. He has been diagnosed by a neurologist.
He is starting to grunt, very uncomfortable tossing/turning, clawing at the air. Our family does not know how fast this disease will take a full turn. If anyone knows besides bringing in a caregiver of how to deal with this please help.He doesn't seem to be in pain. My mother is going to a support group to learn of this disease.Very sad to watch our parents go through this.
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They would need to determine the cause of the dementia before they would see how to proceed. You are taking the right follow up steps and it can be traumatic to watch a family member go through this. Best of luck.
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Its all a part of the condition. Even my grandfather has dementia. He is staying at Luvida Memory Care and we are much satisfied with the care and assistance that they provide to him.
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