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ischemic dementia 5mos post cva

Dear docter,My mom was admitted to the hospital 6 days ago with sudden onset confusion ,aphasia and hypertension.She is69 years old and a diabetic on meds.,she had an right occipital parietal stroke 5 months ago.she was leftwith some visual disturbance and mild left sided weaknes.The first  catscan done in the ER showed no changes and an eeg showed mild slowing on left side.Four days later she finally had a mri the MD states it showed ischemic dementia.Can you give me any answers why my mom had mild memory loss one minute and 15 minutes later shes totally confused and on the way to the hospital.By the way she is moving all extremeties mild left weakness however still confused and becoming agitated,as I am.Thank you for any help you can provide.Sincerly suzyq4339
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Thanks for writing in.
The symptoms of stroke depend upon the part of the brain involved and memory loss occurs due to loss of nerve cells in the brain.
Brain damage due to stroke can lead to vascular dementia due to ischemia of the brain tissue. This is usually seen in patients who suffer from memory loss or mild cognitive impairment due to stroke.
Hope this answers your question.

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Dear Dr NoopurMD, Thank you for responding so quickly,What I do not understand with my mom is why so suddenly after talking lucidly,my mom 15 minutes later is so confused,and appeared to be hallucinating picking in the air.Should I move her to NYC to a major medical center for another opinion.Any other testing recommended.thank you in advance for your help.suzyq4339
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This happens in stroke when a person suddenly exhibits memory loss after talking normally. It all depends on the extent and location of brain damage.
If you can shift your mother to a better facility it is definitely going to be good. It is important that her diabetes and BP are kept under control. The prognosis varies from person to person depending upon the general condition of the patient and extent of damage. Improvement is generally seen if the memory loss is not progressive.
Hope this helps!
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plz ans me , i am worry about my father , he have cva attack , left side is not working , he have headeck in right side, memory not loss , what is tratment , no body for care , he is only one who support us, plase help me,

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