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Abscess, mild discomfort - Safe to wait a month?

Hello and thanks in advance to whoever can answer my question!

I just returned from a check-up. I was concerned about pain and sensitivity that has been developing under a crown I had put in about 3 years ago. I noticed the discomfort probably a year ago, but when I would get X-rays at my old dental office, I was reassured it was fine, I'm assuming because it was not bad enough for a root canal? But it always felt like it would get worse. Just recently (probably in the last couple months), the crown has become more sensitive to cold and biting down/chewing. I had digital x-rays and a consultation and it turns out there is a small abscess/some infection and a root canal (through the crown) is recommended.

My question is...How "safe" is it to wait until after the new year (probably mid-January, when my dental insurance coverage starts) to get this done?

I was prescribed a dose of amoxicillin to last me 21 days should the situation get worse. I will be out of town from Dec 9-26 but I may be able to get treatment where I will be, if (worst case scenario) I need an emergency root canal during that time. Right now there is not a lot of pain unless I bite down or expose the crown to cold.

Is waiting a good option? Should I go ahead and take the amoxicillin now? I was advised to take it starting right now but I just don't want to go on antibiotics unless I need to..But I will if it will help keep the infection down until I can get treatment.

Thank you!
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My personal opinion is to get the root canal done as soon as possible if feasible.  The reason why is that its already showing signs of pain/infection and it will most likely worsen over time.  How bad or how fast may be hard to predict but there's a possibility it could worsen quite rapidly.  

If you want to wait until January, then I would recommend taking the antibiotics now.  You should take antibiotics as you 1) have an infection and 2) have symptoms.  

I wouldn't recommend you taking it if there "might" be an infection and you had no symptoms.
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