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Broken teeth at gum line

I have 5 teeth left on my bottom and two are broke off at gumline.  I plan on getting all 5 teeth pulled with two implants.  This is definetly genetic due to the fact I am only 37 years old and take excellent care of my teeth (both of my parents lost their teeth very early in life).  The teeth broke off (again) and my dentist cemented them back on,  they are now lose and have a very funny odor.  I am 27 weeks pregnant and have become obsessed with overexagerating my health (I have talked myself into this being jaw bone cancer..........).  My OB wants me to wait, if I can, to get all of this done after my baby is born in  April.  Do you think this is something I should wait on or get checked with xrays, etc?  Any advise is greatly appreciated.
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Yes, I would definitely advise you to get it checked out because you don't want any complications from the broken teeth during your pregnancy such as an abscess.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend removing the teeth immediately but a checkup and cleaning would be a good idea prior to delivery.  Afterwards, I would recommend removing your bottom teeth to prevent any abscesses or future problems.  The longer you wait, the more uncomfortable it is to be in a dental chair for any work so the sooner the better.  The most ideal time for dental treatment is the second trimester.

Congrats by the way!
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