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Different types of dental pain
This is going to be a bit long, but I will try to be brief.

Basically I have really bad tooth decay, I went to a periodontist about 6 months ago but my insurance wouldn't cover the deep cleaning and I haven't had money to get it done yet.

I did have a root canal done about 4 months ago, but no crown on it yet again because of the money issue.

Question #1: For the past year or so, I have had very frequent headaches/migraines, jaw pain and discomfort, ear pain and neck pain. Could this all be associated with the tooth decay?

Question #2: For the tooth I got the root canal, if I cannot afford the crown, should I just have it extracted? Its near the back, so I dont mind how it looks with a missing tooth.. nobody could see it even when I smiled big.

Question #3: I also have all 4 wisdom teeth (that they want a few thousand to remove)... could those be causing the different pains?

Basically I am just worried if I keep putting this off, I will do some sort of permanent damage. Currently looking for a community health center that will do x-rays.
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1)  Yes, the pain could radiate out from an infected tooth, especially if the root canal has failed or it could be coming from the gums

2)  I would try to save your tooth if possible only because its a body part and removing a body part should only be done with no other alternative.  I always think of teeth like fingers.  I wouldn't just remove one thinking there's still some more left regardless of whether or not you can see it or not but since I don't know your finances, I can't decide for you on how to spend your money but obviously as a dentist, I want to do everything to save it

3)  Yes, again just like #1, the wisdom tooth can also cause pain and it can radiate out

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