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Pain in gum w/dry mouth

For the 3rd time, I am having pain in the upper back gum, where the wisdom teeth would be. The first 2 times it was on the left side & went away spontaneously. Now it's on the right side but doesn't seem to want to go away. My wisdom teeth were removed about 17 years ago. The gum appears swollen but no signs of a lump or sore. I have pain but it's mainly from the gum swelling & cutting into my back molar. I am experiencing no pain at all from the tooth and the fact that this seems to jump from side to side leads me to believe it has nothing to do with the teeth itself. I have been using an antiseptic mouth rinse hoping this would help it go away. I also have very dry mouth, have for about 6 years now.

In my research, I am finding that 2 things could possibly be the cause. Sinus inflammation and I do suffer from sinus issues off & on. The other is possibly a stone in the salivary glands. I have been getting soreness in my jaw below the ear as well. I read that sour food/candy can help and have been trying that.

I'd like to know if you think either of these are possible. The swelling & soreness is mostly on the inner mouth part of the gum & not sure if that would swell based on where the duct travels for the gland. For the sinus possibility, I have had pressure on my back molars before from sinus issues but never gums swelling in just one spot before.

Thank you for your help!
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