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oral wart?

Last year i was diagnosed with penile warts after the sexual encounter with a girl of unknown status. There was only a single big wart under my foreskin which i have treated with ACV and other home remedies. The wart has not recurred since (after 8 months of existence). Now for few weeks i was unable to have proper dental care, and i had developed a loose flap of skin at the end of my partially erupted wisdom teeth. I highly suspected it as a  big wart (as it looked like one) and didnt look like operculum to me. So i got to my dentist, he removed it with laser, he didnt say its a wart. Now after 2 days of removal i again seem to have it developing back as white debris or something. Now i am 100% sure its the oral wart from my HPV infection. And furthermore i am starting to doubt that i am HIV positive, as only HIV positive people get oral warts. Btw i tested thrice after the exposure (4 months, 9 months and 12 months afterwards), first 2 tests being 3rd generation rapid kits and third one 4th generation elisa rapid test. Apart from this i dont have any health complication, apart from some bumps on nose and infrequent leg pain. I am married man, and although i never had unprotected sex with my wife (only protected with extremes measures to avoid any skin contact). But i have kissed her and had oral with her (performed, not received), and i am paranoid that i put her life to risk. I have been convinced that i am hiv negative by the anwers to my previous post, but this wart has again brought my life back to a nightmare. Any suggestion? I just cant keep on living like this forever.
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Where is this wart located exactly?  Do you have a wisdom tooth in that area?  The tissue can regrow on its own even with laser removal.  There's no official test for HPV so its hard to know whether or not you have an oral wart.  You may want to seek a second opinion from another dentist or ask your dentist for a referral to an oral surgeon.
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