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tooth growing in roof of my mouth and operation.

hello all,
i have had braces for a little more than a year now, and my teeth are perfect, i'm so happy. but on monday i am having an operation that will cut out two teeth that are in the roof of my mouth and hopefully i will have something done that will pull them down into place. the two teeth are meant to be 2nd along from the front teeth on both sides. currently there are milk teeth filling the hole, but they are coming out on monday too.
i've have been trying to get hold of my dentist for about a month to try and get him to run through what will happen in the operation but to no avail. it's happening on monday and i have no clue what to expect, and i'm getting a little nervous. does anyone know this procedure or have had it themselves? i am going under local anesthetic so i will be awake for the operation, but i don't really understand how they are going to pull my teeth into place when the roots are in the roof of my mouth?
many thanks.
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I'm not 100% sure what he is planning to do but this is what I imagine is going to happen.

Basically they are going to move your adult (permanent) teeth into the place of your milk (baby) teeth.  In order to do so, they are going to remove the baby teeth out of the way first.  They are probably going to make an incision to get access to the adult teeth and they are going to cement a chain onto the tooth and tie that chain to your braces.  They will tighten this chain every few weeks to gradually help pull your adult teeth down into place and line it up as soon as possible.

You should discuss the procedure fully prior to treatment.  Its called informed consent and your dentist should tell you all the risks, benefits and alternatives to treatment prior to treatment.  

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