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7 yr old boy with slightly red raised bumps on lower part of knee

We live in a very dry climate and his skin is dry but these bumps do not itch. Any ideas what they are from? They almost look like pimples but not inflamed or infected. There are about 6 of them.
He has had eczema on the back of his knees but that is gone for now.
He says he has had them for a long time but I hadn’t noticed until he told me about them and am concerned.
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You said the bumps don't itch- do they hurt?  Are his knees rough?  I'm going to guess that at 7, he's probably playing with his knees on the ground a lot- it could be caused from that, dry skin (even if they don't itch), or something along those lines.  It doesn't hurt to keep an eye on them and if they change or are starting to bother him, have them looked at- other wise, just mention them at his next doctor appointment to have them take a quick look.  
Thanks! Surprisingly they ended up being warts from the doctor taking a look at them.
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