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Cyst or fluid filled bubble in my mouth

I have had a small (<2mm) clear fluid filled bump or sac on the inside of my lower lip. It reappears 2-3 times a year seemingly without reason. I cannot pop it, and it does not appear in clusters. It does not pop or burst on its own and over 3-5 days it just goes away by itself. It does not appear in the same place every time, and varies in size. I have had 2 of them appear at the same time before but not in the same place or near each other and still does not seem like a cluster. It has a sensation but not pain or tingling. I do not have a fever or aches or pains associated with its appearance, and I dont feel any swollen lymphnodes.
When I fold my lip over and stretch it flat, I notice many small, otherwise invisible bumps. They do not resemble the larger fluid filled one.
What the hell is going on?
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Welcome to the Dermatology Expert Forum. Thank you for posting your excellent question.

The recurrent (cyclic), small, painless, mucous cysts (“bumps/sacs”) you described are most likely caused by disruption of a minor salivary gland duct. This is known as mucoce.  Mucocele can rupture/resolve spontaneously (especially if it is very superficial, like it seems to be in your case). If not, multiple therapeutic options are available (excision, electrodessication, intralesional corticosteroid injections, marsupialization, cryotherapy and CO2 laser). It is recommended to see a dermatologist in active phase of the disorder to exclude other diseases, and get personalized recommendation in regards to treatment.

Other papules (“many bumps”) you mentioned, usually yellow or white, are known as Fordyce granules and are considered normal variation of anatomy  of labial and buccal mucosa (inside surface of lips and cheeks).

Wishing You Optimal Health and Happy Holidays,
Dr Jasmina Jankicevic
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